Hispanic traditions celebrate upcoming Christmas season with rich traditions

We Hispanics celebrate Christmas differently than how other Americans do. We have so many traditions leading up to Christmas Day.  The first tradition we celebrate is El Día de la Inmaculada Concepción (Immaculate Conception Day), which is a religious year that is celebrated in Mexico, but is not as big a holiday in the United States.  This tradition honors the virgin Mary because she was conceived, born and lived until her death without sin. Dec. 8 was chosen because it’s nine months before her birthday, which is Sept. 8.  This tradition is celebrated by a mass and then they have street festivals, food stalls, music and games. 

     Another tradition we celebrate is Las Posadas that goes from Dec. 14-Dec. 24, and it is celebrated in Latin America, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Cuba and by Hispanics in the United States. People dress up as shepherds, angels, Mary and Joseph, and they go around to different houses for parties followed by a prayer as well. 

    One of the ways to celebrate is we eat different foods. For example, we eat pozole, which is a soup/stew with chicken and hominy, and another dish we have is tamales, birria, etc. A drink we enjoy is chocolate abuelita, which is a Mexican hot chocolate, and we eat that with pan dulce.

But the  most important thing about Christmas is coming together as a family and just enjoying ourselves.  We may have different traditions, but most importantly it’s about family.

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