The ultimate new year’s playlist

The title is pretty self-explanatory, but these are all songs that either are hopeful or just great party music in general, so please enjoy this playlist for New Year’s, and, yes, I know the graphic says 1998, but you will see why when you keep reading.

“ Tonight would be strictly champagne and wine along with some higher-end things that my parents kept around the house such as caviar and all that good stuff. The music is getting louder by the minute, and people are screaming to be heard over it. Most people are nursing their glasses of wine or champagne. I find myself on my 10th glass of champagne and watching the clock before I begin counting down. My friends join in. ‘10…9…8…7….6…5…4…3…2…1…..,’ the clock hits 12 o’clock and we all shout, ‘Happy New Year!’”


“All hail King Jared! Please guide us safely into 1998!”


This is an excerpt from my story An Illegal Love Affair, the sequel to Delicious Hope about New Year’s. 


  1. “Holiday” (Madonna)

In Madonna’s song, she talks about how we need to take a holiday, and this reminds me of what the world is going to do when COVID is over. Here are the lyrics that made me choose this song: 

‘Everybody spread the word

We’re gonna have a celebration

All across the world

In every nation

It’s time for the good times

Forget about the bad times, oh yeah

One day to come together

Can release the pressure

We need a holiday

You can turn this world around

And bring back all of those happy days

Put your troubles down

It’s time to celebrate’

So that is why it is on my list. 

  2. “In The Year 2525” (Zager and Evans)

This is just a song that I listen to on New Year’s Eve, and it talks about the future, so, yeah, not much else as to why I chose this song besides that fact.

  3. “Battle Hymn Of The Republic” (as performed by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on the album Songs Of The Civil War)

I chose this song because this is what America has been doing ever since COVID happened, and we all have been at war together. This will be our song no matter what we face as a nation because we have a military and a God unlike any other, so we must give them both credit. God Bless America and our soldiers—both military and the soldiers who work in the hospitals on the frontlines. We thank you for your service.

  4. “Everybody Dance Now” (C + C Music Factory)

This is one of the best party songs that you will ever hear, much less even find, and besides, won’t we all be dancing when COVID is over?

  5. “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)” (Aaron Carter)

In this song, Carter is having a party, and it is a good song for parties, and be sure to watch the music video because let’s face it, Aaron is so cute in this video.

  6. “Fireworks Extended” (Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix Soundtrack

This song from Harry Potter is for when the Weasley twins do fireworks, but I chose this song because on New Year’s there is always fireworks and celebration, with confetti and drinking, so play this one while you watch fireworks.

  7. “Ron’s Victory” (Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince Soundtrack)

This song from Harry Potter made the list because when we have beaten COVID back, we will all be sharing the victory together all around the world, but the people who deserve the most victory are the people who work in the hospitals, so this one is for everyone.

  8. “War Is Hell On The Homefront To” (TG Sheperd)

Although this song is a love song that take place in 1942, it says that 

“War is hell on the home front too. God only knows what a woman goes through. She still needs what a man that’s gone can’t do. I can’t fight this fire along stay with me until it’s gone.” 

These lyrics remind me of how much everyone has suffered on the home front during COVID, so even though we aren’t in the ’40s, it still rings true.

  9. “When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again” (from Songs Of The Civil War album)

This song is for all the men and women who work in the hospitals and the people who have COVID; everyone will be happy when they come back home again, so let’s be sure to have a party for the people on the frontlines when they come home like the title says. 

  10.  “Better Times Are Coming” (from Songs Of The Civil War album)

This song is what happened when we got the COVID vaccine and will be even more true when the hell of 2020 is over, so remember that this song will be true all throughout the world.


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