Makeup companies offering tempting holiday options

As the Christmas season is approaching, companies use this time to offer limited-time products relating to this time of year. Companies like Charlotte Tilbury, Elf, Kylie Cosmetics, Lunar Beauty, Huda Beauty and many others use this time to offer advent calendars as deals for their customers. Each advent calendar offered varies slightly from the rest. Three of these specific calendars are the advent calendar by Charlotte Tilbury, Elf and Lunar Beauty.

One option on the higher end of the price is the Charlotte Tilbury advent calendar; this calendar retails for $200 and consists of 12 products— five full-sized products and seven mini products. A few of these are full-sized lip oil, a beauty light wand highlighter and mini airbrush setting spray, mini primer. These products are sold individually at $325, which is over $100 more than when bought in the advent calendar. 

Another option that may be ideal for people looking for something slightly cheaper is the advent calendar by Elf. The Elf advent calendar retails for $95, and the products inside are worth around $116. This product not only includes makeup and skin care but also products like makeup brushes, a beauty blender and even an eyelash curler. 

An option for someone who wants something unique and cheaper would be the Lunar Beauty advent calendar. This calendar retails for $50 and is different in that it doesn’t come with multiple additional items but instead comes with an eyeshadow palette without the powder eyeshadow in the pallet. Each of the days in this calendar is eyeshadows you can put in the palette yourself. It also comes with two lip glosses to perfect any look you are going for. 

These are just a few of the many options on the market, and while these three may not be for everyone, there are many more options outside of these and an advent calendar on the beauty market for everyone.   

If maybe an advent calendar isn’t what you want, there are still so many other products that you can get. For example, the Too Faced Plumped in Paris Lip Plumper Trio. These products retail for about $38, and the value of it is $54. You can get this trio only at Ultra.

Everyone loves a nice rosy cheek during winter, and there is a limited edition set from Rare Beauty, which is a Soft Pinch Liquid Blush three piece set. This product retails for $30, and the value of this product is $40. It comes with one full-size blush bottle and two mini ones as well. 

These are just some ideas and perfect holiday makeup that you can get either for yourself or someone this Christmas season. 

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