Junior spreads body positivity through social media

It can be very hard to keep a positive image of oneself on social media or even when encountering the wrong people, but some have taken on the challenge of spreading positivity in this sometimes toxic society. 

Junior Amelia Davis has created a more positive environment while scrolling through Instagram, Snapchat or Tik Tok.

She started posting her body confidence pictures in the beginning of December, after a realization. “If I wasn’t supposed to look like this, then I wouldn’t. Obviously, I look like this for a reason.” 

She has gotten hate while posting her photos. Davis said, “It makes me sad when people screenshot and say bad things, just because I know they are insecure about themselves, and I don’t want anyone to not be confident.” 

In contrast to the hate, Davis has gotten many positive comments. She has people commenting on the photos saying, “I really needed this” or “This has helped me so much.” 

Davis said this has helped her gain more confidence, both in herself and in helping others. 

Davis said she does get nervous sometimes before posting her pictures, just because so many people will be seeing it. She said, “I have to remember, I’m the only person that looks like me. I should be happy because I’m meant to be this way.” 

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