COVID-19 impacts holiday travel decisions

Holidays; days full of celebration spent with beloved friends and family. While Thanksgiving and Christmas are approaching quickly, so is the increase of COVID cases. How safe is it really to visit family during these terrible times? According to the CDC, Centers for Disease Control, “disease is just a flight away.” 

The CDC has created a Do Not Board list, which allows ticketing agents to deny any passengers that are suspected to have any illness. Passengers may also be placed on a Lookout list if they show any symptoms of a contagious illness. If any passengers are placed on the lists, they are not provided with a boarding pass. 

Large family gatherings during the holiday season are also limited. Gov. Kim Reynolds issued new mask restrictions that will be put in place until Dec. 11 as well as the ban of social gatherings of more than 15 people. If a social event is outside, the limit is 30 people, with the exception of being in restaurants. 

As COVID cases have recently spiked, the main question that should be asked is, is traveling to see family the most important thing during this national crisis? For many, this time of year is stressful enough, but having a pandemic jeopardizes traditions may cause more anxiety.

Some ways to stay connected with loved ones without traveling include Face Timing, limiting the amount of family (such as intermediate family) for gatherings and eating meals outside to minimize the spread of germs. 

Remember to stay safe this weekend and to give thanks to your friends and family.

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