Disney+ recieves mixed feedback from students

Over a year ago Disney Plus was introduced to the public bringing childhood nostalgia along with it. Students were polled on their experiences with Disney Plus and other streaming services, and 90.2 percent say that they have Disney Plus with only 9.8 percent saying that they don’t. 

Despite so many having Disney Plus, it was the second most popular service being used by students, with Netflix as the first choice of 87.8 percent of students claiming that they use it the most. 

A majority of the students attest to watching the streaming service at least one or two times each week, with only a handful saying that they almost never use it.

It seems that students are happy with the app. One of the participants said that “I love the content that Disney has made throughout the years, and it is fun to be able to rewatch some of the movies and be able to watch ones that I had not been able to see yet.”
Of course, no service is perfect, with many claiming that Disney Plus crashes and takes a while to load. 

Another big complaint students have about Disney Plus is a lack of content, wishing that they had more of their movies and shows on the app. Especially with the price for the service, students were expecting more content that is currently available. 

An example of this is a student who said, “There are a few Disney movies that are not on the platform, at least not yet, that I really like and was looking forward to watch on the platform, so it was a little disappointing not having them on there. (Example: Enchanted).”

Despite these problems, many say that the service has been good for them so far. Much of the content that is on the platform being enjoyed by students include The Mandalorian, Suite Life on Deck, Lilo & Stitch, and classic Disney movies like Alice in Wonderland.


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