COVID friendly options for a safe and fun Halloween

Clean up graves

Cleaning gravestones is a great way to spend your halloween doing good deeds. Bring a couple rags, cleaning materials, a gardening blade of some sort and maybe even a couple treats. Start by cutting away overgrown grass or weeds. Take that and throw it in a trash bag. Then spray down the stone and give it a good cleaning. Be aware of mourners though. Wait for them to leave before cleaning. You can even bring flowers to place at the grave or baked goods for the dead, but remember to be respectful and clean up all of your mess. Leave behind only footsteps.

Have a bonfire

Invite friends over and have a campfire. Have plenty of scary stories and snacks ready. Sit out under the night sky and make smores. Maybe even scare them with planned pranks. Maybe even wear costumes to the bonfire.

Have a small costume contest

Have everyone wear a costume and then have parents or someone who didn’t want to dress up judge them. Have small prizes ready for the winners. Maybe even have different categories for them such as best couple costumes, best scary costume, etc.

Bake with friends

Have a couple friends come over and bake. You could even make a challenge out of it, like who frosts the best cookie or who can make the most. Just have fun with it and be creative.

Have a seance

First have a distinct number of guests. Make sure you can seat everyone comfortably at your table. At the table have a tablecloth, one small candle per person plus three-six large ones in the center. Have photos of who you are calling and only call people you know the names off. Never call out for spirits to join you as this can be very dangerous. Once the person is called, be very respectful. Ask them up to three questions only. Then say goodbye and thank you when you want them to leave. Follow these rules and no harm will come to you. 

Try witchcraft and start a coven

Have fun building an altar. Make moon water. Collect herbs or just research how to practice. Look into deities and maybe even start a coven with friends. Start a book of shadows (spellbook) and have fun doing small spells. Make an attraction charm or a good luck charm. Just remember to have fun and be safe. 

Go hiking

Gather up some buddies and go hiking at Hartman or go to one of the other trails around Cedar Falls and Waterloo. Collect plants or fungus. Collect rocks. Make up games or simply just enjoy nature. Take some pictures or live in the moment. Just have fun.

Have a movie marathon

For a movie marathon, setting up is pretty simple. All you need is some blankets, pillows, snacks and, of course, movies. They can be horror, sci-fi, anything you like. Just bundle up and lose yourself in the movies. 

Go to a haunted house

Pretty basic really. Round up some friends and go to the Heart of Darkness. Reserve tickets online at and have a scary good time.

Do a ghost photoshoot

Grab some old sheets and head out with some other props for a spooky photo shoot. Try going to old train tracks or abandoned houses for some creepy shots. Fun, easy and memorable. These photos are a great way to celebrate Halloween this year.

Any of these are a fun way to spend Halloween safely with friends and/or family during COVID-We hope you all are having fun and staying healthy.

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