As teens grow up, so do their Halloween celebrations

Every October and November, people all across the United States and beyond celebrate All Hallows Eve, or more commonly known as Halloween. This holiday comes from another holiday, All Saints’ Day, a holiday celebrated by the churches to celebrate the saints of the church who have passed, those who are martyrs for the religion. Halloween, despite its popularity, sometimes shifts in popularity as kids in their early years grow up and go through high school: sometimes it’s that other obligations happen, or sometimes the idea of dressing up and going door-to-door for candy is seen as childish or no longer appealing.

Some kids however never let their Halloween spirit die out, and while they may not go door-to-door, they still dress up, enjoy the company of their friends while enjoying sweets, or as they get older they decide to sit out at their doorstep and hand out candy to those younger than them. Here are some students’ ways of spending their Halloween.

  • Sophia Draves- “Go trick or treating, watch Halloween movies, make Halloween treats, carve pumpkins, dress up and go to costume parties.

Willow Riley- “Watch movies with my friends, not necessarily scary ones.”

Micheal Haynes- “Go to a Halloween party with my friends, and see The Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight at UNI. “

Lyric Deich- “Go trick or treating with friends or family, decorate the house, dress up at school, go for walks in the fall weather.”

Zoe Castle- “I used to go trick or treating, but as I got older my dad and I have a tradition of sitting on our porch handing out candy together. It’s fun to spend time with just my dad while still having Halloween fun. The high school women’s swim team has a tradition of dressing up on Halloween and swimming a relay in our costumes. It’s really fun seeing everyone’s goofy side come out in their costume ideas, and it’s really funny watching girls try to swim in a costume.”

Maya Aalderks- “I used to go trick or treating; now I like to stay at home and watch horror movies. I also get candy and those little pumpkin/ghost sugar cookies.”

Rebeka Chagdes-  “I used to dress up and go trick or treating, but that really stopped when I was in high school. Instead, I watch halloween-themed movies and hand out candy with my friends or my parents.”

Jack Rusley- “Dress up in a costume and go downtown and around my neighborhood trick-or-treating.”

Isen O’Bryon- “I dress up every year and pass out candy for my mother’s work on Main Street. My family also makes a Halloween-inspired dinner every year like mummy hot dogs, along with watching scary movies in October.”

Annie Seery- “I usually go trick or treating with my little brother, and we walk around our neighborhood getting candy, and we visit our grandma’s house after to trade Halloween candy.”

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