Students experiment with new hair colors during COVID

New colors, new change, new style. An expression of oneself can be seen both physically and mentally. Many people these days have been dying their hair and not just for the upcoming holiday, Halloween. Four juniors Kalei Oosterhouse, KD Waltz, Amor Barron, and Taylor Hunt as well as two seniors Saul Kuhlmann and Rick Engle are just some students who have chosen to opt for some new shades up top. Two of these students share their journey. 

Kuhlmann is a senior who recently moved to Cedar Falls, and he has dyed his hair many times before.

Kuhlmann said he chooses the color of hair dye depending on his mood. He has recently dyed his hair from neon yellow to purple. To him, the color yellow was a color of sadness and loneliness while purple showed being more open and change. 

“I really like dying my hair because I interpret the meaning in a special way,” Kuhlmann said. “It’s a really special feeling for me. The number one reason why I dye my hair is because it gives me a chance to change a little bit about myself. I think it shows some uniqueness and it stands out. That gives me strength to make new friends.” 

Kuhlmann dyes his hair himself and said his favorite thing about doing it is the mess of it. “The process of changing your hair is so fun. Watching the color slowing turning into another color, it’s like a new you is emerging.”

Engle also loves to dye her hair, but just like there are many different colors there are many different reasons.

Engle dyed her hair because “I was bored of my natural hair color.” 

She said she and her friends did it together and had a great time. “My hair is a perfect reminder of the fun times I have with my friends,” Engle said.

She said another favorite thing about dying her hair is the ending, the way it turns out when it’s dry and fluffy. 

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