In case you missed them, revisit these Halloween scares

Before Halloween, I went on a mission to find some of the best Halloween decorations I could find in the Cedar Valley. Now that Halloween has come to a close, fall is just beginning, but I have brought four of the best decorations I could find back in case you missed them. 

In fourth place was an adorable kid friendly option with just a little bit of scary.

This yard, on 2000 West 6th Street in Waterloo may look simple, but don’t underestimate the effect of a few scary faces at night. 

Next, in third place was a simple yet effective display of ghosts and ghouls. The dark house and fall leaves gave the autumn vibe that was needed.

The giant spider really added to the fear, so don’t go to 1207 Higby Avenue in Cedar Falls if you don’t want to be scared. 

In second place was this monstrously tall undead standing watch waiting for the unexpecting trick or treaters to walk by. Honestly, it was one of the best decorations I have ever seen. It was found on 4521 Lafayette in Evansdale. 

And in first place was a beautifully scary yet cute set up of different blow ups to scare the neighbors and passersby. 

Creepy pumpkins and scary ghosts were the vibe for 2022 Halloween, just like this house on 548 Evans Road in Evansdale. 

Although they disappeared like ghosts with the end of the halloween season, you must go back and visit next year to see these spooky decorations.

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