‘Endgame’perfectly concludes Avengers saga

New Marvel movie “Endgame” concludes the series of 22 movies with a three-hour long finale.

In a massive three hour culmination to 22 films released over the course of 11 years, “Avengers: Endgame” has rightfully shattered box office records and become the largest opening weekend of all time. 

The magic with “Endgame” lies in its massive devotion to its fans. Some of the most dedicated have spent days camped outside of movie theaters and months waiting for tickets to go on sale. For them, “Endgame” is a merger of all of their favorite movies, a one of a kind experience that allows for characters from different movies to crossover and come together in a fight against the ultimate evil. 

Most Marvel movies tend to follow the same formula: The hero feels like an outcast, faces a challenge, it seems like they won’t win and then they eventually do. They follow this for a good reason; it always works and seems to keep audience members on the edges of their seats. 

In “Endgame,” however, Marvel strays from this and ultimately benefits in the end. In this movie, the focus lies in the deep stories within characters that fans have gotten to know and love over the past 11 years. 

Well-loved characters like Iron Man, Captain America and even newcomers like Captain Marvel all hold an important place within the Marvel Universe. In “Endgame,” writers abandon expectations and predictions and dive into a story that gives the audience exactly what they do and don’t want: a perfect ending to each character. The story somehow manages to give each individual a character arc without taking away from the overall goal: getting back “the vanished.” 

Over the course of three hours, the Russo Brothers take the audience on an emotional and mental journey that challenges the expectations of the audience while going where no Marvel movie has ever gone before. In this complete state of independence, the story stands on its own as the best superhero movie of all time.

It’s the impeccable sequel to “Avengers: Infinity War” and gives the public all the answers that they never knew they needed. At the end of “Infinity War,” ultimate bad-guy Thanos snaps his fingers, and with the power of all six infinity stones, wipes out half of the population. He seemingly turns beloved characters like Spiderman, Blank Panther, Starlord and many more to dust. 

Ending with such a cliffhanger was a genius idea on behalf of the writers because they gave themselves a guarantee that audiences will have to come back wanting more. It’s impossible to deny the fact that we are all at the mercy of xMarvel writers, hanging on to each individual breadcrumb they toss us. 

With such intricate storylines woven across galaxies and time, “Avengers: Endgame” completes the impossible by delivering a story with suspense, humor and enough heartbreak to bring audiences to tears. It’s a movie that will be remembered for decades to come; a perfect ending to the group of heroes we’ve come to know as the Avengers.

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