Simple tips bring picture perfect nails

Looking for a perfect nail look. Follow these steps to get a perfect look for each nail.

When getting ready for prom, formal or even homecoming, many people tend to go above and go spend $50 to even hundreds of dollars on getting their nails done professionally, but doing your nails can be very easy and can take very little time compared to the half an hour to an hour in a salon. To recreate these nails, at most you will need to have a very thin, tiny paint brush, but you don’t need to buy any unless you want to. 

Pointer finger: 

This is a very simple but yet elegant design 

Paint your nail the lighter of the two colors that you chose. 

Use a small thin brush with the second color to paint small curls from the bottom right corner.

Finish the look with a quick dry glossy top coat.

You can also add a scattered glitter if you would like. 

Middle finger:

Classic french tip 

Paint your nail either of the two colors.

Use the brush from the other color to create a slight arch of the tip of your nail. This should be even with the edge of your finger. 

Finish with a quick dry glossy top coat.

Ring finger: 

Very simple way to make your nails look longer then they are.

Paint your nail a base color 

Use the brush of the second color to make a strip up on the center of the nail.

If you want, you can use a thin paint brush to make many lines up your nail.

Finish it with a quick dry glossy top coat.

Pinky Finger: 

Super simple easy nail design that anyone can do at any skill level. This is by far my favorite nail design because you can layer till you like what you see.Paint your nail with you base color.

You can use the nail brush, or I used a fan brush with a little bit of nail polish on it. You can just wipe some of the polish on the edge of the bottle. 

Little pat or brush the small amount of polish on your nail.

This is an extra step, but I added stripe down the middle of the nail with my white polish.

There are many different ways to change and make them you’re own. You can add glitter top coats to add a bit more to them. Doing your own nails can help save so much money. and when you do things yourself, you tend to be more proud. Add and do things as you please.

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