Poem collection offers light during dark days

“Pillow Thoughts” is a collection of poetry written by author Courtney Peppernell, published back in 2016. 

Pages and pages of poems are separated into 10 different sections, each holding powerful words of raw emotion for any occasion for anyone who might need it. Passages for those in love to those that are sad, from those who need encouragement to those who need a reason to stay, this collection has all one could ever need right at their fingertips. 

“I hate to spoil the ending

But You is fine

You is still here

You is going to make it.”

Devoid of almost all pictures and/or illustrations, the collection of poems is rather blank when it comes to the decoration of the pages, buy this is not such a bad thing when it comes to this poem book. The author seems to have intentionally placed each poem in a neat format without the use of illustrations because she doesn’t want to distract the reader from the power in the words, and maybe that is best when readers in need of comfort or an encouraging phrase would be looking through it. Sometimes, it seems, that fewer distractions would be best for those in a hurry, looking for some words to aid in the healing of their heart. 

With 256 pages of poems both long and short alike, “Pillow Thoughts” is sure to be there in the reader’s darkest days, giving light and hope to those in need and those who love to read.

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