Battle anxiety with these tips

Some people are lucky in the way their heads can hit the pillow and their eyes can follow and they’re out in seconds. Others struggle with anxiety when trying to fall asleep, which can be normal, but is very fatiguing, both mentally and physically.

One form of this anxiety can be shown through one’s mind not shutting off.  All of the worries come rushing to one’s head like a mental checklist that won’t go away. Another form is just a song, or a verse that you keep playing over in your head. There might not be worries that come rushing to your head and you might not know why you can’t fall asleep. The anxiety is hidden somewhere in your brain and a song that repeats in one’s head for hours takes its place.

Sometimes people fall asleep easily but then wake up during the middle of the night and cannot get back to sleep because of their worries, and it always seems like things are worse in the middle of the night than they are in the morning.

There are a million other ways that anxiety can nest in your brain and take over your wanted and needed sleep as it takes its evil form differently in everyone. Its main task though is to keep you thinking about worries, problems and things that should have gotten done during the day, etc.

However, there are ways you can try to fight this anxiety and lessen it so you can fall asleep more easily at night. Here are some tips:

  • Clearing your mind physically — Write all of the things you are worried about down on a piece of paper right before you go to bed and throw it away. Relieve your mind of all the stress and worries. “Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles, it empties today of its strength.” – Corrie Ten Boom
  • Clear your mind mentally — Pretend your mind is a white board, do you have a lot of things on it? If so take an eraser and erase all of the writing. This will help  your mind tire and help you drift to sleep.
  • Calm your mind physically — Breathe in for one count and out for two counts, in for two counts and out for four, in for three and out for six, etc. This will also help slow your mind down and ease into sleep.
  • Calm your mind mentally — Count sheep. It is a cliche, but It will whisk away those negative worry thoughts and bring in a positive constant. You can also think of a neutral object and then think of other words that start with the first letter of the object, then pick another another and do the same thing. This type of thinking helps distract one from worry and allows the mind to get tired.



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