Sophomores set second semester improvement goals

As we finish up the first semester with the finals, students now can learn from their mistakes from the first semester and improve the second semester.

Many students struggle with showing up to school, especially first semester because of how it’s connected with one of the coldest months. It’s hard to get up when you’re laying down and warm. Senior Kenny Hernandez said, “There are a couple things I will do differently second semester. One of the big things is try my best to not have as much absences as I had in first semester. I want to change that because in high school it’s different when you’re absent than like junior high. You’re absent for one day in high school. You come back and there is a lot of homework. Another thing I want to do differently is if I don’t understand something go and ask the teacher for help, not just ask the students beside me. That’s basically all I’m trying to do differently.”

Students have to have a balanced day because it affects a lot on how they perform in sport and in school. For second semester, sophomore Carsten Meester said, “Second semester what I want to do differently is that I want to balance my day and make time for everything. For example, make time to do homework and then make time to be on my phone because I use to do my homework when I don’t have that much time like I wake up in the morning and then I remember I have homework and instead of eating breakfast I would be doing my homework, so, yeah, that one thing, and then another thing I want to do differently. I want to try my best in both sports and school. I want to have good grades and also do well in sports.”  

It’s important to use your time wisely and try your best on everything its also important to show your best skills on all your project. Sophomore Heaton Marchese said, “What I want to do differently in second semester is start on things earlier. I want to change that because I use to start on project on the day it’s due, and that affected my grade a lot because I have it done, but it’s bad quality, and some teacher don’t just give you a 4 for employability skill grading. They also grade about the quality of it. If it’s not good quality and they can tell you didn’t try your hardest, they would just give you a 1. That’s all I want to change in second semester.”

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