Hi-Line staff debates cereal

Frickin’ Corn Pops … the reason wars started on the Hi-Line staff. Cereal is a constantly debated topic and sometimes you can just be wrong like senior Midnight Thornton who likes frickin’ Corn Pops. Welcome to the debate. I have collected all of the favorites from this semester’s journalism class and will give my opinion on each. We don’t need to reiterate the failure on Midnight’s part, so we can move on. Sophomore Kit Wilkinson likes Pebbles and any kind really, yet his favorite is the off brand Fruity Pebbles, and he said, “I would die for it.” He is very passionate about his cereals. To be fair you can’t go wrong with Pebbles. To speed things up here’s a list of a few that I have no particular opinion on. 

  • Senior Sara Bhatia and sophomore Majeed Alshekhahmed like Cinnamon Toast Crunch: delicious
  • Senior Nate Rosckes likes regular Rice Krispies: basic but understandable
  • Senior Austin White doesn’t eat breakfast, at all, along with freshman Jaden Merrick who just doesn’t eat cereal.
  • Senior Cooper Jensen likes Fruit Loops: so good, great decision
  • Sophomore Kate Mundt doesn’t like cereal. She prefers oatmeal “because you can decorate it and put chocolate bars on it, and you can’t do that with cereal.”
  • Sophomore Danny Palomares also likes Fruity Pebbles but the right brand, not like Kit.
  • Senior Rachel Walgren likes Graham Cracker cereal
  • Senior Eden Davis likes Cookie Crisps: beautiful
  • Senior Ian Hitchman likes Cracklin’ Oat Bran: so fancy
  • Freshman Reagan Lyons likes classic Honey Nut Cheerios
  • Freshman Abby Mott likes Reese’s Puffs: good choice, Abby
  • Freshman Lydia Rusley Hanesford likes Apple Jacks: I think my grandma does too
  • And freshman Caleb Rumsey likes Captain Crunch, which is an interesting choice because we all know the pain that cereal causes your mouth.

So many different choices, some right, some wrong, some just angering *cough* corn pops *cough*. I encourage you to debate this with yourself and others. Start a cereal war, find out who your friends really are and have a good time.

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