Many gym options for available locally

During the winter it is hard to stay active. For myself, I have been to multiple different gyms, and here are my reviews and recommendations.

Planet  Fitness

Cost per month: $10+$40 yearly fee. Does not cost a lot to access great equipment, and free locker rooms, which include showers.

Equipment: Planet Fitness has very good quality equipment and features smith machine weightlifting racks, Precor treadmills, ellipticals, free weights and many different cable machines. They also have a stretching room and a core room. 

Rating: Overall, I rate Planet Fitness a 8/10.

The Gym: Crossfit Kilo 


Cost per month: A lot. CrossFit Kilo costs a lot of money every month. For the different types of classes, it can be anywhere for $15 for one drop in class or a $225 monthly membership to do Crossfit. 

Classes: Their sports XL program features plyometrics and weight lifting to help better athletes and improve on their sports. With one-on-one coaching, athletes and normal people can develop correct form, and become stronger. 

Equipment: Pretty nice equipment and features free weights, free weight racks, non-motorized top of the line treadmills, turf field, ropes, core machines, lockers and bathrooms. They also have a sauna, which can help with muscle recovery.

Rating: I give The gym a 9/10. The people are very friendly and everybody supports each other. Even though it is on the pricey side, you can learn a lot, and they have a lot of good trainers who are highly experienced and knowledgeable. 

Cedar Valley Sportsplex

Cost per month: $50 for adults, $28 for youth. It is not cheap, but it is not the most expensive gym. 

Classes: They have many different types of classes and groups, such as cycling, weightlifting, soccer, indoor track work, HIIT, yoga, swim lessons and many other different classes. 

Equipment: They have very nice, new equipment. They have weight racks, weight machines and many different sets of kettlebells and dumbbells available. 

Rating: I give the Sportsplex a 9/10. It features a great variety of things to do, such as basketball courts, indoor track, weight room, pool, soccer turf fields and HIIT rooms. They have nice clean equipment, clean locker rooms/bathrooms and the whole facility is all around nice, up to date and clean. 

Cedar Falls Rec Center

Cost per month: $20 per month for 18 and under, and an annual rate of $115 per year. 

Classes: They have a good amount of classes, featuring kickboxing, youth clubs, yoga, cycling classes, pickleball and many other great classes with good instructors. 

Equipment: They have basketball courts, weight machines/free weights, cement indoor track, racketball/volleyball courts, cycling studio and yoga studio. They also have a massage guy inside of the rec who provides massages at a cost. 

Rating: I give it a 6/10. It has a good amount of things to do, but it is kind of dirty, out of date and doesn’t feature a lot of nice and new equipment. There are many different options of different gyms, but for Cedar Falls residents this isn’t a bad choice.

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