Demonslayer worth watching

Demon Slayer, known as Kimetsu no Yaiba in Japan, is a manga and anime that Japanese author Koyoharu Gotouge wrote. 

It’s about the story of a young boy named Tanjiro Kamado and his sister turned demon Nezuko Kamado. 

As it follows their travels across many different locations in this rendition of futile Japan, the two of them seek out a cure for Nezuko to turn back into a human. They will come across many new characters with their own distinct style and breathing techniques. 

Two of the new characters will be Tanjiro’s and Nezuko’s new teammates Zenitsu Agatsuma and Inosuke Hashibira; both are strange in their own way, like Zenitsu who is shown to be weak and scared when awake and is always falling head over heels for any girl he sees, but when he is in any shape or form of being asleep, his personality changes becoming more serious and capable of using his breathing style of thunder/lightning. Inosuke has a unique breathing style that is believed to be one of a kind; it’s called beast breathing, and the style allows the user to almost have the ability of an animal, and this can be seen in season one during one of the missions on a mountain that is covered in a thick mist yet Inosuke was able to use an echolocation/vibration sense that allows him to tell where the demon is on the mountain and guide himself and Tanjiro to them without getting lost. 

Now the whole reason why Tanjiro is going out of his way to go after the demons is that he believes that one of the demons can tell him how to turn Nezuko back into a human or tell him where to find the demon that turned his sister in the first place. During one of the missions he meets a demon named Tamayo, and she used to work for the demon that turned Nezuko and found out that Tamayo has been working for years to create an antidote to try to cure demonizing, so Tamayo told Tanjiro to start hunting for the Twelve Kizuki.

They are a group of the strongest demons that is led by Muzan Kibutsuji who is also the demon that turned Nezuko, so the four characters have to head out to start hunting down any of the Twelve Kizuki to try and collect their blood so that Tamayo can test to create what they hope can cure Nezuko.

All in all, this series is a fantastic read and beautiful show to watch; the animation quality is outstanding, the characters are full of life, but some of the development could have been sped up a bit to get the show moving a bit quicker, but it is worth the watch for anyone who is wanting to get into anime/manga.

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