Skrillex drops new tune with PinkPantheress, Trippie Redd

On Jan. 6, Skrillex released a song featuring PinkPantheress and Trippie Redd. All three artists have 35 million views collectively, meaning their song together can reach many different people. With a more upbeat and lively style, the instrumentals match PinkPantheress’ genre perfectly. As for Redd, a more hip-hop skilled artist, he hasn’t had very many experiences with hyperpop. 

The duo still managed to create a hit song that was spread globally quickly. As for the song itself, the lyrics unfold a love story.

Redd starts the chorus of the song with lots of energy and more so sings then raps like usual. PinkPantheress takes the first verse and brings the song to life. 

Both artists exchange a few more verses and continue to bring the energy to a very lively song.

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