Ramattra adds new dimension to Overwatch 2

The launch of season two of Overwatch already happened on Dec. 6, and its main parts showing the new battle pass and character have been at the forefront of the Overwatch community.

Looking at the main portions of the new season, let’s start with the new character Ramattra who was introduced as a new definition of the tank role known as a tempo tank. His main goal is to set the speed and aggression of a fight with his two forms and abilities. Staff form, which is Ramattra’s base form to where his primary fire is a fast rate of fire with slow bullet travel, which makes the player have to predict the opponent’s movement. This form will also grant the player two more abilities: the more defensive ability is a deployable shield that has 1000hp or lasts for four seconds; it has a 15-second cooldown that starts the second that you deploy the shield. The second ability is his vortex; it’s a projectile with a strong arch on its trajectory, and it does damage over time to any enemies that are inside of the radius totaling 40 damage to an enemy if they are inside for the full three seconds, and it has a 12-second cooldown. This ability also has the capability to slow movement and pull flying characters out of the sky if they land in the area of effect. 

The third ability is also his transformation to his second form known as nemesis form, which is a more brutal style of fighting cutting down his range and turning into a more close-range brawler dealing 60 damage per punch, and this punch also has the ability to go through shields and pierce through enemies to hit multiple targets at once. 

In nemesis form, his mobility also gets cut down, knocking down his movement speed and his jumping high is lowered. In nemesis form, his deployable shield is replaced for a block where all damage that is dealt to Ramattra’s front is negated by 90 percent, making his survivability very high, but he takes more damage from the back. 

For his ultimate ability, it is called annihilation, and it casts out an area that spans out 10 to 12 meters and will do 30 damage per second. Ramattra will have a 50 percent damage reduction and will last for three seconds but will stay active as long as the damage is being dealt to the enemies but can be blocked by shields.

The battle pass this season is themed for more Greek mythology with even the tier 80 skin being designed after the god of gods Zeus for Junker Queen. They also changed the tier in that you unlock new heroes from 55 to 45, which is a large change, especially for a gimmick that has been around for years. There was also a new map that was added to the collection of maps. This map is a payload-based map. With few long open sections, many small rooms and lots of corners to hide around and do poke damage, it has only been seen as being a night map making the darker skins that players can buy for their favorite characters better suited for the shadows of the map.

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