Holmes GSA setting goals for year

The Gender Sexuality Alliance will be happening for the second year at Holmes Junior High. It is a group for students of any sexuality to feel comfortable with peers who will accept and support them. The club started late last year. 

The GSA is run by Jeremy Prouty, Angela Eisenman and Sarah Blanco. This year, the group will be organized with three branches. There will be a branch for students who just want a social group, a branch for students who want to help with support and education and a branch for those who would like to work on activism.

Eighth grader Rin Jusufović is a student leader of the social branch. Jusufović said that he enjoys being able to lead the social branch with a friend of his. 

Jusufović said, “It’s fun. We play games and help people feel comfortable around us.” 

“I want to actually educate people and convince them of why GSA is so crucial and worth their time,” Jusufović said, in regards to the GSA’s importance to him.

Ninth grader Casper Morgan is a student leader of the activism branch. In regards to what he enjoys about being involved in the GSA, Morgan said, “I enjoy how it gives a bunch of people, LGBTQ or not, a chance to just come together casually and be educated if they so wish. It can be fun. It’s nice to make people happy and to have a plan together, but as you can imagine some people are a little irritating at times.”

On the subject of why GSA is important to him, Morgan said, “We’re actually getting things to change for the better at our school and at our community, not just a social group.I hope to accomplish betterings for everybody in our school and our community and to be able to fund for myself and some others to go the governer’s meeting on gay rights in Des Moines this spring.”

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