Pandemic still impacting local pet adoptions

The pandemic has had a large impact on pet shelters. The Washington Post reports that one in five American households have adopted a pet during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Cedar Valley Pitbull Rescue, located in Waterloo, Iowa, is a non-profit established in 2013. Their goal is to give displaced pitbulls a home. Pitbulls may be placed in a foster home before they find their adoptive home. 

On the subject of recent pet adoption rates, owner of the rescue, Donna Penne, said, “The adoption rates have gone up since COVID. Supply chain is behind and the cost from our vets has gone up. We had no choice but to increase adoption fees.”

Sometimes, due to people not having time or money to take care of their pets, they are forced to return them to the shelters that they got them from. On this subject, Penne said, “The return of pets since adoption has risen. With the economy, it’s harder for people to afford them. Also, housing is an issue. Landlords do not allow pets.”

It is complicated to guess on how adoption rates will be affected in the future. Penne said, “It’s very hard to predict if things will get better. If the economy does improve, I feel adoptions will get better, same with donations.”

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