Senior bowlers sharing memories in last season

Seniors Myah Brinker, Katie Waltz, Hailey Taylor, Kenzie Trainor and Rebekah Funk have been bowling for the women’s bowling team all season. This is their last year of bowling for Cedar Falls High School.

Since the majority of the varsity bowling team consists of the seniors, after this year’s season, there will be a big gap left to fill on the team. They have most certainly formed a bond between them and all of the other teammates, and according to the girls, they will miss each other more than they will miss bowling. 

Brinker said, “I will miss bowling because the people I spend time there I really only see there,” Waltz said, “I think I will miss my teammates more than actual bowling because I will still be able to bowl in the future, but I will but I will not be able to enjoy it with my teammates.”

Most of these girls have been bowling their whole lives starting from when they learned to walk, like the team captains, Brinker and Waltz. Brinker has been bowling since she was 3 with her grandpa, and Waltz has been bowling for 12 years total. 

Coach Scott Holman said, “The seniors have been great for the team. They include everyone and not just the varsity in team activities. The seniors have helped us go to State two years in a row, and I am looking forward to making it three in a row. It will be hard to see them go, but part of coaching is bringing up the next best group and trying to keep up the success.

Taylor said, “There’s a small community in every bowling alley that will support you through your struggles and through your victories.”

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