Freshman embracing challenges of competition gymnastics

Peet Junior High freshman Madison Dudley is gymnast at Ruby Gymnastics Academy. Dudley has been doing gymnastics for three years and is a level seven gymnast. 

“Flipping, competing and traveling are definitely the hardest parts of gymnastics. The farthest we’ve had to travel is to Wisconsin,” Dudley said.

Dudley has had some amazing achievements in her gymnastics career, including winning first place in a state competition and first all around, but she said it’s not the easiest sport. “I’ve struggled with doing really good in practice and not as good at meets.”

Although this may have been a problem for Dudley, she said relatable teammates can be helpful. “You can get feedback from other gymnasts, and it helps because they know what it’s like.”

Though performing is tough, she said there are also a lot of fun opportunities. “I went to a gymnastics camp in Wisconsin and got to meet gymnasts from there and get coaching from other coaches.”

Dudley said her gymnastics training is going well for her this year and her goal is to win Regionals.

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