‘Earth Guardians’ environmental group forms

Lillian Munnik, Keiana James, Stella Johnson, Molly Susong, Vanessa Komen, Audrey Habinick, Samantha Bensend, Sercie Gee, Baylee Lehmann and Mason Munnik have come together to make a group called Earth Guardians of the Cedar Valley. This group consists of students from different age groups, and they are always welcoming new recruits. 

“We try to meet as often as we can over zoom to discuss more ideas of how we can help our community’ nature. We also discuss the social injustices happening in our world and the importance of protecting the environment,” Munnik said.

“I think student-led groups like this teach leadership, and it’s great to see not just the upperclassmen taking leadership, but the underclassmen as well,” James said. 

Recently, Green Iowa AmeriCorps, a program dedicated to restoration and conservation of Iowa’s native habitats and natural resources, talked at one of their meetings. “They gave us great advice on what we can do together for our planet’s future,” Bensend said. 

The most recent thing these Earth Guardians have done is gone around Cedar Falls cleaning up trash. “We only spent around 20 minutes and got four trash bags filled with trash. A little effort goes a long way,” Susong said. 

Those who would like to join this group can check out the Instagram page @earthguardianscedarvalley or email @cedarvalley@earthguardians.org

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