LifeServe blood drive gains multiple donations

Potentially 52 lives have been saved after the donations from students in the annual blood drive, led by the organization LifeServe, on Thursday, May 13 from 8:30 to 1:30 in the band room.

With the help of the student senate, counselor Erin Gardner worked with the blood center to find adult volunteers, donors and a location to set up the blood drive. Arriving in five-minute increments, all 52 students came to check-in and get assigned stations. 

Typically, the entire process of drawing blood takes an entire class period. Students check in, take their temperature, get weighed and get their iron levels checked. “I’ve seen people take 10 minutes if their blood is going really fast, up to 30 minutes,” Gardner said. 

Gardner said drawing blood in high school is a great learning experience for young adults. “I have been told that you are less likely to donate blood if you are not given the opportunity to donate when you’re younger. If you give blood now, you’re more likely to do it in the future as well,” she said. 

Senior Alex Herran said he donated his blood to help people in need. Herran said he is planning on donating blood next year. “People need it every day and a lot of accidents happen. By donating we can help,” he said. 

Excitement took over his body as Horstman entered the band room. “I would totally donate again. I really like donating and just being able to help other people,” he said. 

Herran’s scheduled time was at 1:10, resulting in the absence of sixth period. The process of drawing blood took about 20 to 30 minutes. After completing the contribution, Herran said there were no problems. “My arm hurt a little, but that was the only downside of donating,” he said.

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