Students react to new Minnesota sexual assault law

Nearly half of all women in the U.S are victims of sexual violence—including an estimated 10 million women who were raped while under the influence. Minnesota court rules that a person will not be charged with felony rape if the victim drank beforehand.

This has sparked the attention of many including students who have shared on social media such as Instagram and Snapchat stories of how they are shocked and disappointed in Minnesota. “It doesn’t make sense. Drinking does not consent to anyone to do any sexual activity. This is just stupid,” freshman Emma Frohling said. 

Other students have been reposting an image that says, “Intoxication is not consent” on the app VSCO. 

However, recently the Minnesota lawmakers have been pressured by the community to increase safety after the overturned rape conviciton; they are in the process of building a safety budget bill. 

Once we think we are moving forward we go one step backward.

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