Prom plans move forward despite COVID challenges

Prom this year is still being held with restrictions. Numbers are restricted to 600 guests, with a ranking level for attendants and their guests. For now masks are required and there’s no confirmed after prom yet.

“I wasn’t that surprised at all, considering COVID is still somewhat of a big deal. The school has been taking precautions since the beginning of the school year, so it makes sense why they set the rules and regulations that they did,” senior Nichole Tanner said 

“The rules make sense because we’re still dealing with COVID. I’m sure it will be effective and safe since you have to wear a mask, and I personally think it will still be enjoyable. Masks and everything else has been a part of our life for over a year now, so at this point, it’s not new. The main focus, for me at least, will be the experience, not whether or not I have to wear a mask or whether or not there’s as many people as there could be. I do, however, feel bad about the half capacity, as there may be some students who want to go but can’t because of the cap they had to put on it, but I also am sure that there’s kids that won’t want to go, so I think it should all work out OK,” Tanner said. 

For seniors this is the only chance they’ll have to participate in prom, so many are eager to go and participate even though it will be a different experience than what they normally would have gotten. 

“After hearing the news of how prom was going to go this year, my thoughts were, ‘This will be fun, and we will be able to do one last thing together as seniors before we all depart from each other,’” senior Mckenzie Lake said. 

Prom will be held at the Bien Venu Event Center in Cedar Falls on Saturday, May 15 

Tickets are $20 each.

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