Student senate hosts color run

The Do Better. Be Better. Color Dash. is happening on April 25. This color dash is being held by the Do Better. Be Better. organization, which was for Jamie Smith and her family. The color dash is also co-hosted by Cedar Falls Student Senate and Dunkerton National Honor Society. 

“Justin Urbanek created this run to honor the adversities I battled with strokes and subsequent brain surgery,” Smith said. Smith had suffered a stroke when 15 weeks pregnant with her fourth child. As well as suffering her second stroke and had Pontine brain surgery. Since then she has continued to live her life with the motto “Do Better. Be Better.”

This color dash will help raise funds for families suffering from medical emergencies and the organization also awards a scholarship to a senior from Cedar Falls and Dunkerton. 

The color run is one of my favorite days of the year for so many reasons.  I find it so inspiring to watch all of these young people work so hard, volunteer, and organize such an amazing event.  Participants really have a ton of fun.  You are surrounded by smiles and laughter the entire time.  It is so good for the soul,” Smith said. 

Registration for the color dash starts at 1 p.m. and running will begin at 2. It will be held at Big Woods, Big Woods Rd. & E. Lake St, Cedar Falls. 

Come support the community and help give back. Running doesn’t have to be your thing. You can lightly jog or walk, and you will also receive a T-shirt.


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