Entrepreneurship classes launch student-run businesses

The entrepreneurship classes have started a class company to raise money for local businesses. 

The second period entrepreneurship class has chosen the name Big Cat Company. The class company is overseen by business teacher Julie Cuvelier, but is mostly student lead. 

The company’s president Rachal Mandt was elected after a heated election against four other candidates. The vice president election was a very tight race which resulted in three students being chosen. Brady Elenz, Jeremiah Mangum and Eric Taylor were all elected as VPs. 

Since the corona pandemic, many classes have been experiencing an abundance of absences, so that is why the class decided to have so many leaders. 

Before being elected president, Mandt gave the inspiring speech in which she promised to, “lead with integrity and respect for everyone.” Mandt is also the owner of a self-started bracelet business, which gives her experience in not only marketing but leadership as well. Mandt said, “I will work hard and do my best, and together we can run a great business.” 

The company has been developing products and is days away from being ready to sell products. Marketing flyers will be posted around the school this week about the two products. The company is selling sweatshirts and windbreakers. (Images located below.) 

Cuvelier for the most part allows the business to be student run and lead because it allows students to learn about working together in a real business environment and structure. Cuvelier said, “Every class company always comes up with a new and innovative idea that I’ve never seen before. It’s been hard because of the coronavirus, but the students have adapted well, and I’m proud of their work with the company.” 

Big Cat Company orders their product by order and looks forward to selling their products. This means that the company only orders a product after receiving payment. Order forms are available allowing either checks made out to Cedar Falls High School or cash is accepted and preferably exact cash. The coronavirus makes it difficult to hand out change. “It’d be a perfect holiday gift for Cedar Falls students and families,” Cuvelier said.

Windbreaker product:$40

Sweatshirt product: $25



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