Wendy returns to Neverland in ‘Twisted Tale’

“Straight On Till Morning: A Twisted Tale” written by Liz Braswell was published back in November of 2019. One will find this story rightfully listed in the fantasy and adventure fiction genre. 

The story begins at a familiar place: Neverland, a place where no one grows up. It’s a world of pirate fights, faeries, and, of course, a particular missing shadow. While a lazy search goes on in this magical dream world, a certain pirate is forever scheming on how to rid Neverland of the notorious Peter Pan. The usual raid and plunder don’t seem to be cutting it for Captain Hook. This pirate jumps at any and every opportunity to take down his mortal enemy, so when the call of black magic and creepy witches reaches his ear, it takes no time at all to put an evil plan into work. But there’s only one thing, he needs Peter Pan’s shadow.

Little do they know, Wendy Darling, a common London wallflower who is in danger of growing up rather quickly, is in possession of such. Though a boring life in London has attempted to belittle and beat her down, Wendy has never lost her love for her stories of adventures in the wonderful Neverland. But as she is aging, and Peter Pan’s shadow lies gathering dust in her locked dresser drawer, her parents quickly become worried for their daughter who always seems to be elsewhere, growing farther and farther away from even herself as the days drag on when Peter Pan fails to appear, even to retrieve his own shadow. At last, in an attempt to escape her boring world and her parents’ fumbling of her future in their household, Wendy must make the most daring attempt at freedom yet.

“‘Hook …’ she whispered, finally drowsing. ‘I have his shadow … .’”

Will hitching a ride to Neverland with one of it’s greatest villains be worth the trade? Is Neverland all that Wendy has been searching for? Or will this dreamland be the final end to Wendy’s childhood? 

Published directly from Disney Enterprises, Inc, “Straight On Till Morning: A Twisted Tale” is sure to thrill any reader whether want for childhood reminiscences of a simply darker side of the beloved “Peter Pan.” While proving to be a bit of a longer read with a total of  488 pages, this story will help cure any quarantine boredom.


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