Check out these COVID-ready podcasts

For the Optimists – Pick Me Up

A great listen for podcast beginners, “Pick Me Up” is a collaboration between Gimlet Creative and Lyft, a rideshare company many of us have heard of and maybe even used. The host, Mariah Smith, interviews and learns the complex stories behind individual Lyft drivers. With just five episodes all around half an hour long, Mariah delves into the dreams of these drivers by exploring their lives, family, career, and aspirations. At the end of the episode, Mariah and her team help the drivers along with a little “boost”; whether it’s a trip to swim with dolphins, helping an aspiring artist publish their first book, or even assist with their restaurant’s grand opening, each episode ends on a positive note. It’s an amazing listen for those of us who love a happy ending, as each episode is full of motivational and inspiring messages about chasing what makes you happy. Especially during a time of isolation, it’s nice to hear about other people and their lives, and to listen to something that leaves you with a smile at the end of the episode. 

For the Indecisive – Sampler

Another podcast by Gimlet Creative, this one is great for those who can never decide what they want to listen to! Living up to it’s name, “Sampler” allows you to hear snippets of different podcasts, and fun interviews with the producers and creators. Think of it as a podcast about podcasts. Each episode is hosted by Brittany Luse and a special guest, and focuses on a specific topic or genre of podcasts, so every episode feels just a little bit different. The host, Brittany Luse, is especially wonderful and a great interviewer. With all the different people coming in and out of each episode, she makes everyone feel like a friend. “Sampler” is great for those that love podcasts but have trouble finding something new, as each episode gives you a great preview of some of the best listens out there. 


For the Informed – The Daily and COVID-19: What You Need To Know

Right now, we’re living through history. With a pandemic of this scale and impact, staying informed is one of the most important things we can do. But with all the resources and news platform reporting and updating constantly, it can be hard to get a reliable and to-the-point source. Podcasts can be great for those of us who want to stay up to date by making news accessible and informative . I really recommend “The Daily” by the New York Times. With episodes averaging 25-35 minutes, and updates five days a week by 6 am, it’s a great go to for updates. Coming from a reputable source, and with a great host Michael Barbaro, this podcast really helps streamline the important events going on today in America. 

For coronavirus specific news, ABC puts out a great podcast called “COVID-19: What You Need to Know”. Episodes usually last just under 40 minutes, and are uploaded every day. I like this one specifically because they utilize medical professionals and experts to answer questions submitted by listeners, along with giving you daily updates on COVID-19’s impact and spread. And with daily episodes, it’s a really great way to keep on top of the news during such a hectic time. With staying safe, healthy, and protecting both yourself and others being the top priority, I believe staying informed follows closely behind as of the most important steps we can take right now. 


For those Missing High School – The Mortified Podcast

This is my absolute favorite podcast. “The Mortified Podcast” produced by Radiotopia contains almost 200 episodes of pure teen angst and cringe. It’s a story-telling podcast that features adults reading aloud their childhood diaries, letters, fanfiction, lyrics, love letters, and more. For those of us who are missing the drama and awkwardness of school and social interactions, or want to look back on the cringey days of junior high this is the podcast to try out. I’ve found it especially comforting during isolation, as a way to look back on my own 13 years of public school and all the embarrassing and also wonderful moments that have come with it. More than anything, it’s a reminder that everyone is just a little bit weird at heart.


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