During quarantine, plenty of time to explore older movies

As the school year comes to an end and quarantine boredom begins to set in, most will find themselves turning to their televisions. Entertainment is almost always the cure for one’s boredom. But what most tend to do is completely skip over the older movies, forgetting the possibility of the humor as well as the magic these films might hold in store. Luckily, most of us have plenty of time on our hands to spend watching movies of all kinds. Keep reading for summaries of some older movies that might bring some magic and humor into one’s quarantine experience.

“Bachelor Mother” is a romance/comedy movie that was released in 1939. This movie is about one hour and 22 minutes in length.

The movie begins by introducing the main character, Polly Paris (played by Ginger Rodgers), a determined and hard-working department store worker riding out the rushing Christmas season for her next paycheck. When she receives her pink slip at the end of her shift she’s a little more than disappointed, but not very surprised. Though she is surprised on her walk home when she sees a mysterious woman leaving a baby on the steps of an orphanage. Rushing to catch the baby before it falls off the steps, she is mistaken for the baby’s mother. Follow this hilarious journey of forced mother-ship and a confusion of budding romance. “Bachelor Mother” is sure to make anyone’s day a little brighter.   

“Same Time, Next Year” is a drama movie, based on a play of the same title, that came out in 1978. This movie is approximately two hours long.

This film begins by introducing the main characters George (played by Alan Alda) and Doris (played by Ellen Burstyn) waking up in a motel after their first affair. Yes, first. While they both admit to being married, they also don’t want to ignore their feelings for one another. They decide to begin meeting at the same seaside motel once every year and at the same time. Viewers will join this unusual couple through their rollercoaster of a relationship, through thick and thin, celebration and loss, love and care. While affairs are often cliche and looked down upon, one will find themselves falling in love in their own way.     

“Forget Paris” is a romantic-comedy film that came out in 1995. This movie is about one hour and 41 minutes long.

This movie begins with a group of friends awaiting the arrival of their two friends Mickey (played by Billy Crystal) and Ellen (played by Debra Winger) at a restaurant. To pass the time, they decide to fill in the newlywed’s wife about the relationship between the two whom she hadn’t met yet. Viewers will follow the story through thrid person stories told by the friends about the infamous Mickey and Ellen from how they met, all the way up until the night they’re supposed to be meeting them. “Forget Paris” is an entertaining story of the power of love and of being together through the worst of the worst. 

“Born Yesterday” is a drama/romance film that was released in 1950. This film is approximately one hour and 43 minutes in length. 

This film begins with the main character, Billie Dawn (played by Judy Holiday), arriving in Washington D.C. with her politically powerful and unjust fiance. One soon comes to find out that he only wants to marry her so that she couldn’t testify against him if he were caught for his swindling ways. But when her fiance can’t take how ignorant she is about the things around her, he hires a journalist named Paul Verrall (played by William Holden) to get her up to speed. What the fiance doesn’t expect is for Billie to begin to fall for the journalist. But what he really doesn’t expect is for her to start ridiculing him for his corrupt ways.    


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