‘The Space’ offering tarot readings

The Space on Main Street now offers tarot card readings.

In light of the new moon, local downtown establishment dubbed “The Space” has opened up to a world of fortune, tarot readings and more.

“Come to The Space for the first New Moon Readings I am offering for the year! The New Moon is in Aries, so come to get a special tarot reading. I will be using a tarot spread created by Ethony in ‘Tarot by the Moon,’” says March New Moon Readings Facebook event. “Readings will be 15 minutes each, $10 per reading. I will accept cash or card, due at the conclusion of your reading. I would recommend you schedule a time if you want to ensure a spot. However, if we have time between appointments/no shows, I’m happy to take drop-ins!”

These readings are not only for those going by Aries (those who are born on or between the dates of March 21 and April 20). Anyone is more than welcome to make an appointment to have their cards read. Appointments can be made at https://tarotbyfae.as.me/. Each type of reading varies by date as listed in the link.

Tarot reading has been used as an insight into the future and influence of present and future actions since the early 18 century. These cards were first introduced in medieval Europe, designed to be used as a card game, but later adapted into the fortune-telling practice. There are several different variations of decks created and used for a variety of different seasons, questions and even people. Whether seeking true belief of this supposed magic insight or enchantment of a card trick, one should give at least one look into this old and mysterious entertainment.  

“For this specific New Moon, the cards will be answering the following questions, all about change: 

What change are you wanting to bring about?

What is the most likely outcome if you make this change?

What boundaries do you need for this change? 

What do you need to let go of going forward? 

What do you need to remember during the change? 

Where do I need to be careful about during the change? 

What or who are my allies?”

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