Series offers suspense, gore to readers

“Only Ashes Remain” is a novel written by Rebecca Schaeffer, published back in September. This story is the sequel to “Not Even Bones” and nonetheless full of gore. Beware of spoilers as you read on!

The calm and calculating Nita readers have come to know is no more. The fire of the death market has set her own soul on fire, which is sent smoldering at its full destruction. Nita finds refuge in the unnatural protection program, only to find that the person who sold her to the black market is there as well. 

“Nita stepped forward, fist clenched, wanting nothing more than to smash his skull into the floor and dissect him while he lay dying, the way she should have done when her mother caught him the first time.”

Again, that fire is ignited. Now Nita only knows one thing: he will not escape her this time. This time, she will end him.

But what will happen when the first attempt at poisoning the boy fails and he is rushed to the hospital where he will surely wake up and tell everyone what happened? Will Nita be able to escape the ever-watching eyes of black market buyers and protection agents? Will Nita’s mother find her again? A chance encounter with a certain acquaintance may mean the difference between death and survival for this daring and witty girl.

“Only Ashes Remain” is certainly a gore-y read and not for the faint of heart. With 432 pages of death-defying strength and heart-tearing weakness, this story is sure to leave every reader questioning their own sanity and wanting more until the very last page.

Reading and re-reading this sequel is a great way to pass time while Schaeffer works on the third and final book in the “Market of Monsters” series: “When Villians Rise,” expected to be released at the beginning of September.

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