Check out these top seven books for 2020

Along with the new year comes many exciting possibilities. Take advantage of this top seven list of books coming out in 2020 to stock your bookshelves with some new and exciting reads. May the new year bring more free time for reading and other entertaining and enriching opportunities.

1. Christina Henry’s 

“Looking Glass”

This story is being released on April 21. It has been revealed to be four new short stories to tie into the earlier completed “Alice” duology. With so much possibility and potential for this collection of novellas, one cannot say what is in store when this book is released. Like the original story of “Alice,” this story can be expected to be listed in the dark fantasy category.   

2. “The Glass Hotel” 

by Emily St. John 

This novel will be released on March 24. This story offers an interesting mystery thriller of white-collar crime and psychological twists and turns. Naturally, this story will be listed in the mystery category. 


3. Helen Hoang’s 

“The Heart Principle” 

This novel will be released on May 7. This story offers up a tale of forbidden romance and dark secrets. “The Heart Principle” will be listed in the contemporary romance category.

4.  “The Best of Elizabeth Bear” by Elizabeth Bear 

This story is expected on Jan. 31. This book is a collection of Bear’s best works from horror to fantasy to science fiction to short stories. This collection has it all.

5. Danez Smith’s “Homie” This poem collection is expected on Jan. 21. “Homie” tells the story of friendship, the importance of such a close relationship, but also the fears that come with it. Of course, this collection will be listed in the poetry category.

6. “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes” by Suzanne Collins.

This story has been long-awaited by “The Hunger Games” fans and is set to release on May 19. “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes” will explore the world 64 years before the setting of “The Hunger Games.” This time, readers will be able to experience one of the very first “Hunger Games.” This book will be listed in the science fiction/dystopian novel category. 

7. “Imagine Me” 

by Tahereh Mahi      

The sixth and final book of the “Shatter Me” series is said to be releasing on March 31. The final fate of Juliette Ferrars lies here. This book as well as the series is and will be listed in the young adult dystopian hexalogy category.

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