Student’s love of baking stems from family lessons


Addison Anderson started baking with her grandma at a young age. Anderson’s grandma evoked her love for baking, especially cakes. It also inspired the young baker to get involved in school with family and consumer science classes. 

1. Why did you take foods class?

 “I do a lot of baking with my grandma, so it kind of started there, and from that I went to foods classes at the junior high. I liked them there, so I decided to carry on from there.”

2. Do you prefer baking or cooking? 

“I’d say I do more baking.”

3. When you bake with your grandma, is it old or new recipes? 

“We do some family recipes, but we also like to find new recipes that would be a challenge for us to do.” 

4. What is your favorite food to create? 

“We like to do cakes because there are so many cakes that you can experiment with and change to make your own.” 

5. What’s the biggest cake you have made? 

“A little less than a foot tall.” 

6. What is your inspiration? 

“A lot of it just comes to me when I start doing it. A lot of it is I just look at the cake and decide how I want to do it.” 

7. Do you want to pursue culinary as a career?

I thought about it, but I think my interest more in biology kind of. I’d rather be a doctor.”

8. What has been your favorite thing about FCS? 

“It’s a very laid back class. It’s fun to get to know the people in your class because you get to work with them all and come up with new ideas with each of them.” 

9. Do you think FCS has improved your culinary skills? 

“Yeah, definitely. We do cooking too, which is not my strong suit. I’ve learned new ways that I can make recipes.” 

10. When do you bake? 

“A lot of times, it’s on the weekends when I have free time.” 

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