Take advantage of these UNI summer STEM options

Summer brings up many opportunities to continue learning while participating in a fun environment, such as UNI’s STEM camp available over the summer. This camp provides Iowa students with exciting and fun opportunities to expand their science, technology, engineering and mathematics knowledge and skills while making new friends. There’s also a scholarship available for this camp for students eligible. The goal of this scholarship is to increase diversity in students attending these camps. The scholarship targets underrepresented groups in STEM such as African Americans, Latinos, girls and bound to be first-generation college students. The scholarship will help cover part to all of the camp’s cost for the recipient students. The deadline for the scholarship application is Friday, April 19.

There’s also an apprenticeship available for students 9th-12th for  who are interested. Students will join research teams in a variety of labs across campus. UNI REAP-STEM Apprentices will work on real-world STEM research with UNI faculty, develop research and communication skills, make new friends, learn about STEM careers and more. This program places talented high school students from groups historically under-represented and underserved in STEM into university research laboratories. REAP apprentices work on a hands-on research project under the direct supervision of a mentor. 

UNI REAP-STEM Apprentices will spend 200 hours on campus over a six-eight week period. The majority of the UNI REAP-STEM program involves working in a lab with a faculty mentor and UNI student summer researchers. The UNI REAP-STEM students will also get together weekly to share their experiences, build professional skills, learn about STEM careers and higher education opportunities and more. UNI REAP-STEM Apprenticeships are highly competitive, and they are paid. This program is funded by the Army Education Outreach Program (AEOP) and STEM at the University of Northern Iowa.

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