Holmes girl students attend STEM conference

Holmes Junior High took ninth grade girls, or eighth grade girls taking ninth grade science, to Ames on Wednesday, April 5, for an opportunity called the Girls Go Further Conference. The conference was held at Iowa State University. Through this trip, girls got to participate in many different STEM related activities, as well as hear from university students about their experiences with  college and the STEM field. 

Physical science teacher James Duff helped to oversee this trip. Speaking about what he hoped they could accomplish from the trip, Duff said, “I want three things. I would hope our girls get exposure from the careers that they want to explore. I want them to see a large college campus, and I want them to feel some sisterhood with other people in the conference, so they can talk to people if they run into some non-inclusive situations. This is my 24th year of going to this conference and it’s always a quality experience. I have a good feeling that they will continue to provide a good career experience for the girls and a sense that they’re goals and dreams are possible.”

Science teacher Amanda Johnson also helped to chaperone the trip. Johnson said, “I’d like students to be aware of different STEM careers. Being able to listen to women who are currently serving In STEM careers and having role models. It will give them ideas about what they can accomplish in the future. I feel like it was a very successful trip. The girls had a lot of good things to say, and I feel that it’s a trip they’ll remember.”

Ninth grader Megan Engdahl attended the conference. In regard to how the trip went for her, Engdahl said, “I think it went well. My favorite part was probably the egg experiment I did. It was really fun.”

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