Fantasy series immediately hooks reader

The six books in the “Pegasus: The Flame of Olympus” series allows the reader to follow a story and to follow 13-year-old Emily in New York City. This novel is set in present time and shows the battle of Emily’s life as she battles the war at Olympus.

“Pegasus: The Flame Of Olympus” is a book written by Kate O’Hearn (69), published back in 2011. This story is listed in the fantasy fiction category, for it is packed with magical action and creatures throughout. 

Emily is just a normal 13-year-old girl living with her father in their home in New York City. When an especially bad storm overtakes their city and a loud thump from the roof sounds, her simple life immediately changes. 

Going to the roof, Emily discovers a horse has crash landed. Though this is not any horse, but a pegasus, the Pegasus. 

“From the moment she’d discovered the horse on the roof and seen its wing, a name had sprung to mind. A name long forgotten from an old book of myths her mother used to read to her.”

From then on, Emily is thrown into the mess of an ancient war between the Roman gods and a terrifying army of warriors made of stone known as the Nirads. 

These stone people have one goal set in their minds, to destroy the flame keeping Olympus alive. 

With the help of an Olympian thief named Paelen, a boy named Joel and the goddess Diana, Emily is set on the task of returning the fallen magical Pegasus to his home in Olympus as well as saving the gods from the impending doom that the Nirads wish to bring upon them. 

With 385 pages, “Pegasus: The Flame Of Olympus” is quite an easy and quick read. The plot pulls you in, allowing the reader to continue to read with peaked interest until the very last page. 

Though the reader’s interest doesn’t have to stop there at page 385. Luckily, O’Hearn has continued this book and has since created a six book series, leaving plenty of room for the imagination to run wild as the reader joins Emily and Pegasus on their journey through the myths and legends of Roman and Olympian descent.

If the reader enjoys “Percy Jackson,” this is surely the next book series for them.

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