From farm to fridge | Daily Harvest delivers fresh vegan food

Daily Harvest is mail order food company that ships healthy, vegan food that customers can choose from. A wide of variety of options are offered including smoothies, bowls and lattes. Smoothies are $7.99 for the start, but if customers buy 24, they can shave that down to $6.99 per

Daily Harvest is a fairly new company that allows the customer to subscribe to their service that delivers vegan, pre-portioned food to your doorstep either in a one time, weekly or monthly plan. 

The food is delivered in individually portioned cups ready to be heated up or blended into the perfect smoothie. Daily Harvest offers not only the convenience of prepackaged, individual smoothies, but also a variety of vegan soups, harvest bowls, oat bowls, chia bowls and lattes.

Eating with the thought of staying healthy in mind, let alone eating a vegan diet, can be a challenge. This is where Daily Harvest steps in, delivering easy, healthy, vegan meals directly to the customer. 

Each plan allows the customer many options when choosing what comes in the box. Choose to fill the box with the best sellers or take a look at all the options and fill the box with the ones that sound interesting or catch the eye. There are endless possibilities of combinations that could come in the box, though the choice of the contents is up to the customer. This can definitely provide some extra convenience to those who are wary about trying new things. The power of choice definitely plays a role here.

Being someone who enjoys something light, such as a smoothie, for breakfast, I piled those smoothies into my box, picking out some choice harvest bowls, soups and an oat bowl for good measure. I personally chose the 24 box just so I could get some variety with my Daily Harvest trial, but I couldn’t yet recommend a set number for how much one should order. That choice is simply up to each individual customer. 

When my box arrived I was both excited and nervous about how they would taste, as any such person would be when trying something for the first time. Though when I opened up the first smoothie I was rather surprised about how good the ingredients looked. Although frozen, the fruit was mostly whole and looked just about fresh. Having to be shipped, these things must be frozen during transport and immediately put into the freezer upon arrival.

I chose the first smoothie I could grab from my freezer that morning, that smoothie ended up being the Acai + Cherry. Contradicting the name, acai and cherry weren’t the only ingredients in the smoothie bowl. The cup had also included a list of ingredients including a surplus of greens and a mix of other fruit that would surely complement the acai and cherry flavors. 

At that, I filled the cup of frozen ingredients about a quarter of the way full with milk and poured all of it into the blender. The result was a pretty concoction of pink strips of frozen cherry and purple slush that the acai had helped color the milk as it mixed. 

The first taste was alright, nothing too exciting. The next was a bit bland. I checked over the list of ingredients and was faced with the facts that in the effect of making the smoothies as healthy as they could, they had added no sweeteners. Although the fruit should have added some natural sweetness, it proved to do no such thing this time around. 

With no time to add some honey to add some sweetness, I hurried off to school. I was a bit disappointed about the sweetness of my smoothie, though this was no fault of Daily Harvest. It was purely a user error. I made a mental note to add some honey next time. 

As trial and error ensued across my next line of smoothies and soups, my first harvest bowl and my oat bowl, I had quite a fun time trying out these new and unusual concoctions of food. Smoothies aren’t always the best, readily available breakfast choice of all time, so I surely enjoyed my time blending my smoothies in the morning, taste-testing them on the way to school. 

When my smoothies and soups ran out, I knew I had to order more. There was still so much I hadn’t tried yet, and I had just gotten into the habit of adding extra things to my smoothies and soups to give them something a little extra in means of taste and/or look. 

Although I don’t believe I will be ordering these for very long due to the cost. According to the Daily Harvest website, getting six smoothies a week would add up to $47.94, leading to be $7.99 per smoothie. Though as the order increases, the prices drops just slightly seen here when ordering 24 smoothies a month would add up to be $167.76 in total, paying $6.99 per smoothie. 

Depending on the customer’s price range, this could be the make or break it point when deciding to order from such a subscription. 

Overall, I would be delighted to order these again in order to try out more of their options because, trust me, they have a wide variety to choose from. These smoothies and soups were extremely convenient while I was in a rush in the mornings, taking about five minutes or less to prepare. 

Although it does take some time to get used to messing with the ingredients a bit, adding more or less of something, it shows to be a fun learning process when you have the time to guess and check with your ingredients. 

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