Based on true story, ‘Mermaid’ twists magic, myth, mayhem

“The Mermaid” is a novel written by author Christina Henry (44), published earlier in 2018. This book is listed in the fantasy category, respectively, though is based off a true story concerning a New York con-man named P. T. Barnum and his Feejee (Fiji) Mermaid hoax during the 1840s. This story is full of magic, myth and mayhem lived through our main character Amelia who proves to be extremely courageous as well as curious since the very beginning, as the book notes, “She wanted to see and know more than she ever could at the bottom of the ocean. So she swam after the ship, because the ship would go to land, and the mermaid had never seen land before.”   

You will learn more about each of the characters through the third person text and the flowing chapters that pull you into the plot and keep you there until the very end.

The main character, Amelia, seems to act in a satisfying yet suspenseful manner. Speaking her mind without hesitation can prove to be both useful and hindering in the society and company she soon finds herself in. Despite her cold outlook, you can soon find yourself entranced with the mermaid, even to go so far as feeling a sort of protectiveness over her throughout the troubles she must face.

Though some events are quite troubling, almost making you lose hope for our strange yet innocent main character, you’re soon to find yourself at a blissful ending that still makes you wonder what happens next.

Something unusual with this story is the layout of the book itself. When you first pick it up, it is easy to tell that something is a bit off about the way the book is laid out. Once you line it up with another book of average proportion for soft cover books, you will find that “The Mermaid” is actually an adorable square shape. The odd shape and height for this book is another thing that sort of draws you to it when you first pick it up. The soft pastel colors and worn looking cover seem to add to the appeal of this delightful layout.

With 316 words, “The Mermaid” is a quick read that provokes feelings of excitement and longing within yourself as you continue to read on. 

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