Need some cash?

The holidays came and went in a blur, but behind all of the gifts you have both given and received, you may find yourself to be a bit short on cash. Luckily, there are a few ways to get the money you need easily and quickly right here in Cedar Falls.

1) Plato’s Closet

Most likely you’ve heard about this place on an ad on the radio. If you haven’t, here’s a little explanation. If you take some of your gently used brand name clothing items to the store, they will give you money for them. Sounds like a great deal right? They accept anything from hats and gloves to T-shirts and shoes, as long as they are intact and not too harshly used. Not only will you gain a bit of extra money, but this will also help you empty out your closet.

2)  Sell some things online

You can sell some unwanted clothes or old toys online. Using apps like Let Go and Poshmark, it’s easier than ever to make some extra money by selling things online. You can even go the even easier route and sell your items on Facebook sell groups.

3) Do odd jobs

Shovel someone’s sidewalk, or mow their lawn if the weather is right. Ask your parents if they would be willing to give you a small amount of money for doing chores. If you’re already being paid to do chores, ask if you could get a bit extra if you do more.

With all these ways to get extra money it should be easy to pick which one to do. If you’re up to it, you can do more than one.

4) Bake sale

What do people want? Food. Another easy way is to make some delicious pastries and sell them to your friends, family members and maybe even neighbors. Everyone loves a treat every now and then, and you would be sure to earn some extra money with a bake sale.

5) Take online quizzes

Sure this way would take a bit longer and use up a bit more of your time, but it is another easy way to earn extra cash.

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