Why every body is a beach body

Steps to get a perfect beach bod

  1. Have a body
  2. Put on a swimsuit
  3. Put on sunscreen
  4. Put on bug spray
  5. Add hat, sandals, towel and sunglasses
  6. Go to a beach
  7. Enjoy your 10/10 beach body

If you clicked on this article, it probably means you have some kind of body dysphoria. 

And that’s OK; everyone has a time in their lives where for one reason or another they have a problem with how they look. For some people it’s having too much body fat, and for some, too little; some people think they are too tall or too short, too brawny or too scrawny. 

Definitely around summer, a season that forces us out of our hoodies and baggy jeans and into tank tops and shorts, we all start to become even more worried about our insecurities. It’s a nightmare for a lot of people, especially people our age, who are expected to always be outside going to the beach with friends and having fun. 

So what can we do? How, instead of changing ourselves for a better beach body, can we achieve a better beach brain? 

The best suggestion is a simple one. Stop comparing yourself to Photoshop. Swimsuit Weekly, Sports Illustrated and other such magazines paved the way for a certain genre of advertisement. Photoshopped models whose bodies look unachievable. 

And that’s because they are. Every ad we have ever seen in our lives has been Photoshopped to high hell, giving us a corrupted sense of beauty and body image. 

But remember we are real people; we have scars and stretch marks, freckles and body hair, and that’s OK. 

Some of us are really fat, and some of us are really thin. It doesn’t matter. Because A) we are children first of all, so we don’t need to be supermodel sexy, and B) we get to decide what’s hot, and we alone get to decide what makes us feel good about ourselves. 

There is no one beach body because we aren’t all cookie cutter designs. We are human and we deserve to live how we want and be how we are. 

It all comes back to diet culture and the industry of “beauty.” They raised us to feel like we all have to look one way, but we don’t. You don’t have to be thin with perfect skin to deserve to eat, and you don’t have to be able to bench 380 and run a mile to deserve to rest. 

The beauty standard and even just the idea of a “beach bod” is bull. Wear what you want this summer and have fun. It’s 2021, and we are no longer pushing this “one perfect body” crap. Have fun, stay hydrated, wear your sunscreen and enjoy yourself. 

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