‘Club Penguin’ returns

Most people remember “Club Penguin.” It was apart of a lot of people’s childhoods, including myself.

Recently, Disney took over “Club Penguin” and made it an app most fans don’t like. However, hope was not gone, as some fans revived the old version and put it online.

It is known as “Club Penguin Rewritten.” A lot of people fear that they’ll get sued for copyright, but thankfully since they are not making money, they shouldn’t be taken down.

“Club Penguin Rewritten” does many, many things right. One of those things is there is no paid membership. You just get membership right when you sign up. This was a big deal because as a non-member there was almost nothing you could buy, and the game was pretty limited. However, since rewritten gives everyone membership, the main problem is getting the money.

Another amazing thing is that they kept all the classic things, such as the secret agent place, being a tour guide and more. Finally, it’s just fun to relive the old days, so this game might be great if you let your nostalgia blind you.

Every game has its flaw, and this game is no exception. For one, yes membership is free, but coins are super hard to get. Even if you get perfect scores on some of the hard games, it’ll take you forever to get those items you want.

Secondly, one slip up with a swear word, and, bam, you’re off the server. Sure, it’s a kid game, but sometimes it slips.

Thirdly, there are bots everywhere. A bot is a penguin that is made, but no one is technically playing, and they go around making a noise everywhere.

To continue from this, you can’t mute behind the game’s music. This means if like five people are playing their instrument in a roleplay fashion, you can’t mute them, making this really annoying sound.

Finally, it takes forever for an update. The game may be a copy, but it’s not exactly where it was when Disney left off, and there are still bugs. Sure, updates take a while, but for “Rewritten,” it takes even longer.

Despite its flaws, it’s an amazing game. It’s free to play, and you don’t lose anything by trying it.

From experience, I must say that it is very fun to play, as most people are super friendly, and it’s just kind of fun to explore and just figure out how to get money for the items you want.

Whether you played the original as a kid or are just jumping in now, this will be an awesome, free web game.

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