Senior’s podcast connecting with nearly 3,000 followers

Within the past few years, over 5 million people have ended their television cable subscriptions. Television is a dying industry, and with it’s failure, a new king of entertainment has arisen. Youtubers are the modern movie stars. Top youtubers make millions of dollars every year, and reach such a large audience that their impact is undeniable.

Senior Wesley Gitta has covered serious ground in the world of Youtube. With his channel having nearly 3,000 subscribers, and his videos getting thousands of hits, Gitta has found an audience and a demand for the videos he’s making.

“My videos are almost all based around cartoons. My most popular series is called Crystal Sins, a parody of the channel CinemaSins, where I nitpick episodes of Steven Universe and tally up the ‘sins’ and sentence each episode to some sort of joke punishment.”

Gitta places importance on diversifying his channel, creating different segments to reach a wider audience.

“Another series I just recently started was 10 Word Reviews, where I take a season of a cartoon and come up with 10 words or less to describe each episode in that season. Then I give each episode a -10 to 10 rating. My audience usually ends up being kids aged 10-16. I try to keep profanity to a minimum so a wide age range can watch it.”

On Youtube, creators make money through advertising. If a channel owner decides to monetize his/her account, ads will be placed on the channels videos. Youtube’s top creator, Pewdiepie, raked in a reported $12 million in just 2015.

While Gitta does monetize his channel, he explains how it’s not as simple as just post and get money. “I do monetize my videos. Recently it’s been getting harder and harder to make money on YouTube, especially with the recent ad boycott. Part of the reason I’m not making as much money is that I’ve had a few occasions in which there has been a gap of a month or more between uploads, and people end up forgetting that my channel still exists.” The ad boycott Gitta is referring to appeared in an earlier Tiger Hi-Line. Companies are becoming more wary of their videos appearing on offensive and hateful videos, and they are removing their ads off of Youtube altogether.

Gitta still suggests that anyone who wants to should create a Youtube channel, commenting on how it’s an effective way to create cool things and reach a large audience. Gitta said he hopes his success can help others too: “The biggest piece of advice I can give to people just starting their YouTube channels is to promote the heck out of your channel. You can post new videos on social media as they come out, or do what I did and send your videos into a popular blog that is related to what you’re doing. I also collaborate with other YouTubers to make new connections. I’m friends with a few animators, and they come to me so I can record voiceovers for different characters in their cartoons.”

Youtube is quickly becoming the best form of entertainment. Being a motivated creator could prove mega-successful on the ever growing platform. Gitta said he wants to keep growing his channel, but he mainly wants his material to be entertaining and creative. Subscribe to Gitta’s Youtube channel: SourceMaster_.

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