Game Boy Advance emulator perfect fit for Chromebooks

Emulation is an interesting type of gaming that takes a console or handheld, and uses a computer program to play said console on a computer. It’s a very easy and fun way to play games of old systems.

There is an emulation for almost every system a computer can handle, from Game Boy Advance(GBA) to the recently released 3DS emulator. Emulation is a very easy and free way to get all your favorite games, but there are some legal matters tied in.

When you play an official game, such as Pokemon Red, to be able to play it on Emulator, you have to own it by some means at some point. While this isn’t enforced, it’s something to keep in mind.

Emulators have a variety of controls and such that depend on the emulator, but they do simulate the system extremely well. Personally, I have used a DS emulator a few years ago, and it even simulated the use of a stylus with your computer mouse. With amazing simulation and great quantity in availability, emulation, or emulators to be more exact, is a popular way of gaming.

For us as Students, our Chromebooks can only handle a GBA emulator. It’s not high-quality like some, but for what it’s worth, it’s a good emulator.

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