Follow these steps to creating perfect playlists for musical bliss

Music is one of the best expressions of how we feel. It can change our mood and explain things without words. With the great effects that music can have on us and how we feel, a playlist is vital to creating a specific atmosphere and route of expression.With hundreds of streaming services available to create playlists at our fingertips, simply dragging and dropping songs into an unordered mess is a rookie mistake. Creating the perfect playlist is an art that requires a highly engineered skill, but you can become a master with these simple guidelines. 

Step 1: Determine your mood or aim

The mood you feel is essential in the creation of a playlist. It helps determine the genre and tempo of the songs you choose to put in your playlist. If you can’t think of how you want to feel, try thinking of where you would listen to the playlist, whether it be late at night or during a hard workout. The music on your playlist should act as the soundtrack to whatever aspect of life it is being played behind.

Step 2: Determine the genres included

It becomes increasingly easier to differentiate the genres or artists to include in your playlist once you have figured out the emotional feel you’re going for. The mood will dictate the types of songs you include in your playlist. Feeling down? Search for some chill instrumentals. Feeling like you just need to shake it out? Try some indie-rock or alternative. Driving with the windows down? Include some throwbacks. Lounging poolside? Electronic. Need a pre-workout pump up? Bump some hip-hop or rap.

Step 3: Determine the artists and songs

The core of the playlist is the songs you include. One bad choice can kill the entire mood that you worked tirelessly to create. Consider things like lyrics, beat, tempo and sounds, which are all important details to craft your theme. However, do not stick to just one artist or genre. Keep it interesting. As long as songs have the same vibe, they can range from alternative to rap and flow together magically.

Step 4:  Pick your sequence

The order builds up the sounds and wraps everything together. It’s important to start off strong with songs that really underline how you feel, but don’t trail with anything boring through the middle and the end. Pace is important, and the songs you choose need to be threaded together to create consistency. A party playlist might start with a banger and get increasingly more rowdy, while a sleep playlist might get increasingly softer and slower.  However, when you hit shuffle, your playlist should include songs that you won’t wanna skip, and every song should be a hit, not a miss.

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