Autumn arrives in two local celebrations: St. Pat’s welcomes fall with annual fest

By Andrew Nickey

The Fall Festival is a yearly event held at the St. Patrick’s Church. Many CF and Peet students attend St. Patrick’s Church and volunteer during this occasion.

The director of this year’s Fall Festival is Rosy Guerrero, and has made many changes since the previous year. “We just tried to include a lot more games, activities and things for the whole family to do this year. We are also receiving a lot help from the community with things like donations and additional volunteers,” she said.

The festival this year included many games such as bag toss, plinko and ring toss. There was even a face paint booth and a cakewalk in the games section.

“I really enjoy seeing the community come together, and everybody having something to enjoy,” Guerrero said. “It welcomes a lot of families to the church, and I love seeing the kids playing the games and the adults going to the bake sale and the silent auction. There’s a little something for everyone.”

The stands, games, and sales themselves were run by volunteers and members of the church.

“It takes over 100 volunteers to keep this running, and we really appreciate all the help we get,” Guerrero said.

It does indeed take many volunteers to keep the Fall Festival running each year. It takes volunteers to run the games, dish out food, and keep everything running smoothly.

William Nickey who is a Sophomore at Peet, and a member of the St. Patrick’s church, helped to work in the games section.

“This is the first year I’ve ever volunteered here, and I’m glad I did, because it’s a really good way to give back to the community, and give back to the church. Its really nice to give back and volunteer when so many of your friends are doing it,” Nickey said.

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