Freshmen enjoy autumn options

This week is the first week of fall, and as the leaves are changing and Halloween is less than a month away, students are thinking about their favorite fall traditions. 

Peet freshman Penelope Hitchman said, “It’s very pretty with all the changing leaves. It has the perfect weather because it’s cool, but the sun still warms you. It’s nice for activities like biking or reading a book.”

 A lot of people, specifically teens, like fall because of the sweaters, hoodies, jeans and leggings that can be worn comfortably in the chilly weather. Peet freshman Darby Irwin said. “I like fall because I can wear hoodies all the time, and it’s really nice outside, and it’s not humid anymore.”

Another Peet freshman agreed. Liesl Fuessel said, “I love dressing up wearing sweaters and jeans. I love fall fashion.”

People love fall so much because of the good weather. It allows them to do a lot of activities that they couldn’t do in summer because it’s too hot and they couldn’t do in the winter because it’s too cold. Some of these activities suggested by students include raking leaves and jumping into them, going to a pumpkin patch, hay rides and hanging out with friends at a park. 

When it’s a rainy day, students still enjoy fall in the comfort of their own homes. Fuessel said she enjoys reading. Hitchman also likes reading while it’s raining but also crochets. Irwin enjoys baking, and her favorite thing to bake are cookie bars.

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